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“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Donald MacNeil. He was my attorney he was very attentive to the case, anytime I called he was always there for me. Mr. MacNeil is about business he’s always in court ready. I’ll recommend him and I’ll use him again if needed!!!!!!”

Latasha M.

“I had traffic related issues that need to be addressed. At the beginning he listen and was able clearly articulate course of action and provided some sense of a timeline. Everything played out as expected and I am quite pleased. Thanks.”

Sheila S.

“I had a great experience working with Attorney Macneil. He had good follow up even though it was not a serious case. I also liked that he was responsive if I needed anything.”

Roy S.

“I would recommend Don to family and friends, and he was really nice and understanding with my case. He also communicated well with me when I had questions or concerns.”

Lakeshia A.

“Don handled my case well, and I was happy with the service he provided. I would recommend the firm to others who are looking for an attorney.”

Malik M.

“Attorney Macneil was very attentive and anytime I called he was right there, or called me right back. I never had any trouble getting in touch with him. He made court very easy, as he showed up did what he needed to do and I was out very quickly.”

Latasha M.

“It was overall a good experience and he was very straight forward. It was an easy process, seeing that I did not have to go to court.”

Khamary W.

“I would highly recommend attorney MacNeil! He’s knowledgeable, understanding, patient, responsive and dedicated to completing a job well done. He handled my son case with grace and I’m forever thankful for his service.”

Peggy A.

“I really liked working with Don, he was great and got my case erased.”

Wilson B.

“Don Macneil is amazing, and he definitely gets my vote for best lawyer. My sons have also stated how much they liked him.”

Adrienne J.

“He was really quick to always answer all my calls and questions and was really there for me when I needed things. He never took longer than a day to respond which showed how much he cared.”

Francisco C.

“He is very caring, attentive and follows through with everything he says that he is going to. Don Macneil is truly the best man I know.”

Nathan O.

“Oh my gosh I love Don and I will Use him all the time for anything we need. I cannot sing his praises enough! Anytime any of my friends need help with anything I always recommend them to him.”

Tracy H.

“Working with Don Macneil was great, he was very responsive and knowledgeable which put me at ease. Anytime I would text him he would respond quickly.”

Ieesha A.

“I would recommend Don Macneil to family and friends. What I liked about working with the firm was the speed and response time for everything. I would describe him as prompt and to the point.”

Mike F.

“If you were to ask me to give the firm a rating, I would give Don and the firm 5 stars. Don was always on time and took his time with me and my case.”

Lateshia A.

“Don’s communication skills are excellent, I never left a message and he prefers text which was great for me and easy. The overall outcome was perfect, and I had no surprises.”

Nick G.

“I really liked working with Don, he was great and got my case erased. “

Wilson B.

“Don MacNeil provided exceptional representation to my family during one of the most difficult times in our lives. Don was not only professional but always made us feel like he was a real person that cared not only about his job but the people who he represents. Don works with the highest standard of integrity. It was never a time that I couldn’t call him and ask a question and might I add receive an answer. Not only did Don defend us but he made us comfortable thru the most challenging legal process. His calm demeanor is a great asset to his clients and we are eternally grateful for his service. I would recommend Don as he gives his clients the highest standard of service.”


“He explained things very well, walked me step by step throughout the process and was easy to understand.”

Brooke W.

“I liked working with Don because of his professionalism and responsiveness.”

Adrian W.

“He was easy to talk to and responsive. I have referred him and will continue to refer Don MacNeil.”

Ashley C.

“I have already referred Attorney MacNeil to a friend of mine. I liked how knowledgeable and helpful he was.”

Matt L.

“We use him for all of our services! He is very knowledgeable and professional and I truly trust his services.”

Eva U.

“Mr. MacNeil helped me dodge a bullet with my DUI. In my profession, a DUI is a bullet and he helped me get it reduced done to reckless driving. Amazing!”

James H.

“Don went through my entire case and made sure to help me stay up to date on the case and facts, also answered all my questions. Even after two years, he was always there and accessible.”

David R.

“I would recommend Attorney MacNeil because he was very quick and responsive to my needs.”


“I liked his efficiency and he took care of my case well.”


“I would recommend Don. I felt he did a good job. He also has fair prices.”


“The MacNeil firm was great. Don helped me out. I also plan on using the firm to get my license back. I even referred a friend to them. They’re really good.”


“Everything was perfect. Loved it. The results were great. I even referred some of my friends to the MacNeil firm so they should be hearing from them soon.”


“The service was excellent at the MacNeil firm and the all around experience was great. They are very professional and they know the law. They’re good!”


“I would absolutely recommend Don. Everything that was promised was either given or it was a better outcome. His prices are also reasonable. He always shows up. And when Don does, judges respect him and I really like that. He’s a lifesaver!”


“Don is a good Lawyer. I had a difficult case and he was able to resolve it so that I was able to keep my license and my job; which is very important to me. The first Lawyer I hired couldn’t do anything for me!”


“Don MacNeil represented me for a legal issue that my employer failed to resolve internally. He provided superb service and I cannot thank him enough for his professionalism and diligence regarding this case. Don is a highly respected attorney among his peers and I highly recommend his services.”

Laura M.

“Don is always there to help you and guide you through the hectic process of your court. He is always available to answer your questions and calm your nerves. Very knowledgeable, professional and personable.”

Laura S.

“Donald Macneil helped me out in a traffic case and I would recommend him for anyone in a similar situation. He responded to inquiries and returned calls in a timely manner with no run-around. I’m very satisfied with the outcome.”


“Did a fantastic job with a case that I missed a court date and the fines had tripled. He got me back in front of the judge and my fines were assessed appropriately.”

A Insurance Client

“Attorney Donald MacNeil saved my career. I would highly recommend him to anyone experiencing a DUI. Mr. MacNeil was successful with getting my charges reduced to Reckless Driving, and he was also successful with getting my Statutory Summary Suspension RESCINDED. Mr. MacNeil made time to meet with me several times about my case, and he responded immediately to every question that I had. By far, Donald MacNeil is the attorney you want by your side when you’ve been charged with a DUI!!”

A DUI & DWI Client

“He was very respectful he explained any questions I had. He was straight forward he works hard and he is well worth it. He beat the case hands down and case dismissed after trail… TWO THUMBS UP!!!!”


“I was very satisfied with services provided by Donald. He was very professional and very prompt responding to any of the questions regarding the case. At the end, Donald was able to dismiss the charges. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs attorney’s services.”


“I enjoyed Don’s knowledge of the Traffic court system as well as his prompt approach to having my ticket successfully deferred.”


“Donald MacNeil is the best person to have represent your case. He is very supportive and easy to contact. He is willing to answer your questions even outside of the courtroom and between court dates. He is punctual and always accomplishes the outcomes that he strategizes. He’s strategic and well-accomplished. In the courtroom, he creates a good ambiance that judges and prosecutors are attuned to. Most judges have a lot of respect of Don which works in your favor. I’ve only heard good things from judges about Don.

With his quick-witted people skills, he was able to get my assault case dismissed completely where the state and the police were trying to put charges against me even though the opposing party has no interest to press charges. He spoke to the prosecutor in private and came out and the prosecutor dropped all the charges completely. This was not the first time that Don had done that. All it takes is two court visits and Don has done the magic to get you out of a bad situation. He is affordable and really does care for his clients.”

A Satisfied Client

“Donald N. Macneil was very professional and willing to answer any questions regarding the case. Donald Macneil’s patience and dedication was able to dismiss the charges. I would highly recommend Donald N. Macneil’s expertise and excellence.”

A Satisfied Client

“Mr. MacNeil represented me in Cook County on a U.U.W. charge in 2014. I live in Indiana and was a Truck driver at the time of the offense. Donald did a very good job pleading my case and answering all my questions on Gun related charges, he was Knowledgeable on the law and tried several times to get evidence from the state on my behalf. I would definitely use his services again if the need arises and will refer him to anyone who needs a gun law attorney. The result of my case was the gun charge was acquitted and put on deferred prosecution. Thank you Donald for taking my case and doing an outstanding job defending my 2nd Amendment rights!”


“Don was very knowledgeable in regards to my case & did a very good job & was always responsive to any questions I had & was always accessible day or night highly recommended!”


“I needed an attorney who could practice law in Indiana and Donald was referred by an Illinois attorney who said, “Donald would take good care of me,” and he did. Don did a great job on my son’s case and from the start was very knowledgeable about Indiana and Illinois laws. It was nice to have an attorney nearby who could practice in both states and I felt it was a privilege to be able to contact him on his cell phone whenever I needed to. If he wasn’t available he returned my calls promptly. Also, no question is too small for Don and we had many. He made it clear that we could call him about anything and didn’t make us feel rushed. He has a good demeanor and his performance in court made us feel secure. I will continue to use Don if other legal issues arise and will recommend him to family and friends.”

A Satisfied Client

“My first time needing a lawyer Donald was very helpful and allowed me not to stress so much. He answered all my question and supported me thru my case.”

A Satisfied Client

“Mr. Macneil got my traffic ticket thrown out with no fuss at all. He was very professional throughout this stressful process and did an excellent job. If I ever get into legal trouble again I know who to call. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants peace of mind when dealing with legal issues.”

Steven K.

“Don is an attorney who in my opinion encompasses both professionalism and an ethical demeanor. Throughout my vast and tenured experience, bar none, he is the best I have encountered. I am also in law enforcement and have been around a lot of lawyers and I have seen good and bad ones, but only a handful in the same expertise as Don MacNeil. I was involved in a very strange to say vehicle accident and was charged with leaving the scene of an accident. Don took control of my situation which gave me the confidence there would be a good outcome. That confidence was a foreshadowing of reality as the charge was dismissed. A sign of an excellent lawyer is that not only does he know his job, he cares about his client. This defines Donald MacNeil.”


“Mr. Donald helped me to win two cases in a court. He is very professional, honest, reliable.I highly recommend Mr. Donald to anyone who needs a great lawyer! Thank you Mr. Donald for your great job!”


“Donald MacNeil, We Love You!!! You gave our family hope when all seem bleak! You gave us back our son, a grandson and also someone brother and nephew! For that we are eternally grateful for you. Man the cross examination you presented today court was on point well thought out and strategic and you made the prosecutor case look merely like Bullsh*t!!! LOL!”

A Satisfied Client

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