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What Are The Common Errors Committed By Doctors And Hospitals?

A medical malpractice takes place when a doctor, his assistant or nurse or any other member of the medical team commits a negligent act, which is concerned with a patient. Medical staff fails to cater proper medication and care, consequently, the patient gets harm. In most of the cases the medical staff is well-educated and well-trained and commits mistakes rarely; hospital management provides equipment of a standard quality and other necessary facilities to medical staff. In spite of this all, a small number of medical malpractices happen.

It must be kept in mind that willingness or unwillingness of a patient about treatment does not matter at all. In medical malpractice, the important point is that a person who claims to be a doctor must be sensibly educated, very skillful in his field if he is not so qualified and skillful in his profession and takes a step which causes damage to the patient is considered to a medical malpractice. Percy Martinez is a law firm that is trying its best to get maximum damages for those victims who approach Percy Martinez for legal assistance. This firm has expert legal teams which are performing an excellent role for their clients.

Here are some errors which generally committed by doctor or hospital.

  1. Misdiagnoses or belated diagnoses

Misdiagnoses or belated diagnose is one of the major reasons of medical malpractice. When a doctor fails to diagnose an acute or severe disease or misdiagnose a patient, the patient may be missing the opportunities of a proper treatment. The claim of medical malpractice is proved on the basis that if a skilled a well-educated doctor under such a situation would not commit the diagnostic mistake. In such circumstances, the former doctor would be for the damage to the patient.

  1. Childbirth injuries

A lot of lethal injuries are caused by medical practice such as brain injury, bone damage etc. The injury caused at the time of birth is not only because of the doctor or medical staff negligence. Parents also commit mistakes, but here the negligence of doctor is being discussed. The negligence of a doctor or nurse can cause harm to the infant or to the mother of the infant. Generally, a doctor cannot estimate the exact size of the baby which creates complications at the time delivery. The doctor fails to respond serious disease at the time of birth. He fails to use vacuum extractor or forceps properly.

  1. Mistakes in medication

A research report of 2006 reveals that almost 1.5 million people get harm because of medication errors. These mistakes are committed in different ways.

  1. Incorrect prescription

It has been observed that sometimes the prescription of the doctor is not according to the disease. The medicine might be written wrong.

  1. Incorrect dose

It is usually not fault on the account of doctor, the doctor suggests medicine which is a proper treatment of the disease but the nursing staff does not manage medication properly.

  1. Mistakes while applying an anesthesia

The mistakes which are committed while using anesthesia are more detrimental than surgery errors. Following are anesthetic mistakes

  1. Doctor fails to inquire the medical history of a patient to understand the possible complication
  2. The doctor has to inform the patient about the risks if the proper care is not taken
  1. Negligence of the surgeon

Some mistakes may happen in the operation theatre. The negligence of the surgeon while operating patient is considered very serious. it has been reported that the surgeon leaves the surgical equipment inside the body of the patient.

Percy Martinez legal firm that has legal experts who deal cases of medical malpractice and their ratio of winning case is very high. The firm discusses all aspects of the case with its clients for their satisfaction. Furthermore, it discusses the medical complication with medical specialists. Any person who is a victim of medical malpractice can approach Attorney Percy Martinez for legal assistance.

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