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Defective Parts Auto Accident

Auto manufacturers are now able to make the safest vehicles in history, thanks to the extensive research and development put into motor vehicles. There is a continually growing market of technologies, devices and equipment to make cars even safer with each passing day. Still, protective devices like seat belts, computers, crumple zones, warning indicators and airbags can fail.

In fact, almost any car part can be defective without you realizing these defects exist in your own automobile. This is particularly true if you install aftermarket products or enhance the look or ride of your vehicle. Often, these parts interfere with your car or truck’s performance or safety.

Car accidents often result from auto parts defects. These defects include:

  • Unexpected acceleration
  • Faulty brakes
  • Defective tires
  • Substandard materials
  • Poorly designed engine parts
  • Other defects

Many defective parts auto accidents lead to legal claims. Watch any news television program or surf the web and you can find stories of defective parts-related accidents and motor vehicle recalls. Anytime these news stories are reported, it helps other people with the same parts or vehicles become aware of the defects and risk for accident.

Whenever a defective part results in an accident, other parties are likely at least somewhat responsible for the crash and its damages. So who is at fault when your car accident occurs due to faulty parts? How can you hold them responsible? For answers to these questions, simply call an experience personal injury and auto accident attorney in your state.

Liability for a Defective Parts Auto Accident

In defect-related auto accidents, the first place the investigator starts looking is at the auto manufacturer. The manufacturer usually holds responsibility when components are improperly installed or systems are poorly designed. That type of problem leads your legal claim to including the manufacturer as a defendant.

All automakers are responsible for the vehicles they build. Maybe you have seen this type of responsibility being asserted in the news lately, with failure of some of the newest auto-piloted sedans. Some of those sedans have been involved in deadly crashes while the auto-pilot was engaged.

Auto Manufacturers

All manufacturers must ensure their vehicles are safe and in proper operational order. But sometimes these products fail as a whole, or suffer parts defects that lead to accidents.

Used Car Dealers

When used car dealers sell vehicles with defects or even cause such as defect, themselves, they can be held accountable in an auto accident claim.

Auto Parts Dealers

Auto parts dealers or parts suppliers to the automakers can be held responsible for an auto accident when a faulty component is to blame for that accident.

Aftermarket Parts

Enhancements or updates to vehicles sometimes come at a price, when an aftermarket part leads to an auto accident. These parts often cause problems with vehicle performance or safety. Much of that risk comes from the parts not being engineered or designed with the same quality as the automaker requires for its own parts. Examples of aftermarket parts include:

  • Tires
  • Suspension parts
  • Internal components
  • Headlights
  • Windshield wipers
  • Engine parts
  • Other systems

Other possibly responsible parties in your auto accident include parts retailers, mechanics and installers.

You Can Recover Damages after an Accident Related to Defective Parts

Injuries and property damage are only some of the costs of your auto accident. Other damages include medical treatment costs, lost income, pain and suffering and future care. Experienced accident lawyers help you recover your damages after a defective parts auto accident. Even if your accident appears to have been your fault, talk to a personal injury and auto accident lawyer to find out if third parties may have played a role through defective auto parts.

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