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Major Distinctions Between The LSAT And GRE

Whether applying for the law school or deciding in which schools to apply needs to have the best information that assists in navigating the decisions. In addition to LSAT, the small number of schools have started to accept other standardized tests like GRE in certain circumstances. LSAT vs. GRE is a hot topic among those who are deciding to take admission. Here are some differences between them which can guide the students in making their decision.

  1. Majority of the schools accept LSAT while the GRE is accepted in less number of schools hence when selecting the test which is accepted universally among the law schools, the LSAT is still the best choice.
  2. Written vs. Computer-Administered Test: like LSAT, the GRE is also taken in written form but in countries where computer version of the GRE test is possible then students are expected to give the test on computers.
  3. Personalized Test: Unlike LSAT, the GRE is a computer-adaptive personalized test. Those students who are planning to take the computer-administered GRE must know that the accuracy of answering the questions at the start of the test will influence the difficulty level of the questions ate the end of the exam which means that depending on the answers given in the previous section may change the difficulty level of the next section. On contrary, in LSAT, the students are asked to tackle on the exam are set in stone.
  4. The Difference in Sections: When compare LSAT vs GRE, the quantitative reasoning section that is math and vocabulary sections are included in the GRE exam which is a significant difference between these two types of admission tests. Also, these sections can be challenging for those applicants who have not studied math subjects. Tough vocabulary words are also the difficult aspect of the GRE exam that is not in daily conversations so it is necessary for the students to update and improve their vocabulary.
  5. Logical Reasoning Section: Logical games are included in the LSAT exam but not in the GRE. These questions are trickier than the other standard questions in the test. In these logical games, students are asked to answer the questions regarding hypothetical and logical situations. Students put much of their struggles in this section.
  6. Exam Schedule: The GRE exam is held offered more as compared to LSAT. The GRE test is held year-round while the LSAT is offered six times per year. Also, there is no restriction in taking LSAT exam but GRE exam taker are allowed to give the test five times per year and once every 21 days.
  7. Result Report: in GRE result report only those scores are mentioned which the candidate chooses to report while in LSAT all test score are included in the report. The computer-adaptive GRE test let the students preview their scores before selecting what to report while in LSAT this option is not available.
  8. Intellectual Analysis: As compared to LSAT, the GRE exam is a general test which is created with the law school students in the mind whereas to determine Someone’s ability for the legal career, the LSAT is designed to test it.

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