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Slipping And Falling From Lack Of Lighting

The contributors of dangerous falls are many times overlooked. Many hazards can exist inside and outside a building when a lack of lighting shields the dangers that are present. A person walking through a certain location might not even realize that there is a danger and even an area that is well-maintained, can turn out to be dangerous when there is inadequate lighting. Those responsible for maintaining the property need to make sure that the property is safe for anyone who visits it. They have a duty of care to every person who comes into contact with their property, including the responsibility to provide sufficient lighting.

The responsibility of keeping adequate lighting is not always fulfilled by property owners. Sometimes the design of the area does not permit good lighting and other times there may have been lighting but it either burned-out of broke. When maintenance is not properly performed, failing to see that there isn’t sufficient lighting tends to happen. Along with lighting being required indoors, it is also required outdoors. Outdoor areas may have ramps, steps, swimming pools, and parking areas that will definitely need lighting. If it is found that a lack of lighting is present in any of those areas, the property manager needs to place an alternative light until it is fixed, or clearly place a restriction sign so that no one goes in that area. Failing to take action in fixing the light bulb when the property owner had notice of the malfunction could constitute negligence.

Humans do not have the same capacity that felines do – able to see in the dark. The human eye takes a while to adapt to changes in brightness, but when it is completely dark, the human is not able to clearly see. A danger that is already present coupled with a lack of vision can pose a significant threat to a person. A person can fall from a flight of stairs or slip from an unseen puddle. These elements are dangers in itself but when they are paired with a lack of lighting, these factors become even more dangerous. Where the person falls due to a lack of lighting can vary in consequences. For example, a person that falls in an area where there were no hazards, to begin with, may only suffer minor injuries, whereas a person who falls down a flight of stairs or alongside a pool can sustain catastrophic injuries.

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Gathering evidence about inadequate lighting being the factor in a slip and fall case should be done in a timely manner because the property manager can fix the light from one day to the next. Photos should be taken from various angles to demonstrate how the area was not well-lit. The Slip and Fall Lawyers at Percy Martinez Law Firm are there to guide their clients in the correct path. Their compassionate nature always wins the hearts of their clients.

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