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“Donald MacNeil is the best person to have represent your case. He is very supportive and easy to contact. He is willing to answer your questions even outside of the courtroom and between court dates. He is punctual and always accomplishes the outcomes that he strategizes. He’s strategic and well-accomplished. In the courtroom, he creates a good ambiance that judges and prosecutors are attuned to. Most judges have a lot of respect of Don which works in your favor. I’ve only heard good things from judges about Don.

With his quick-witted people skills, he was able to get my assault case dismissed completely where the state and the police were trying to put charges against me even though the opposing party has no interest to press charges. He spoke to the prosecutor in private and came out and the prosecutor dropped all the charges completely. This was not the first time that Don had done that. All it takes is two court visits and Don has done the magic to get you out of a bad situation. He is affordable and really does care for his clients.”

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