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What Are The Top 5 Signs That Abuse Is Taking Place In A Nursing Home?

A sad realization is that abuse does occur in nursing homes. The elderly are being taken advantage of and not properly cared for. Family members who have their loved on in a nursing home should learn the signs that are associated with abuse. Often time, the abuse will not go reported due to fear or not being able to communicate. Recognizing these signs can not only help the resident but potentially save their life.

If suspicion that abuse or neglect took place, learning what the signs are will greatly enforce these suspicions and action can be taken. The Miami firm has gathered some common signs that can determine that a resident is being neglected or abused. If it has been established that the nursing home or its staff members abused or neglected the elderly, then a civil lawsuit can be brought against them.

With more than 15,000 nursing homes across the United States, abuse and neglect are bound to occur, especially with the increase of elderly people being placed in these facilities. There are approximately 1.4 million people residing in nursing homes. That is 1.4 million chances of abuse and neglect that can occur. Ensuring the protection and rights of these individuals is what the firm is all about.

Top Five Signs of Abuse in Old Folks’ Homes

When any of these signs become apparent, it could be because the resident is being abused or neglected. Abuse and neglect can happen during many circumstances and by many different people. Here are some signs that can indicate that abuse or neglect has taken place:

Bruising or injuries that cannot be explained: For an elderly person, bruising is quite common. The skin of an elderly person is often sensitive. However, when a bruise that they have endured or an injury cannot be explained by the nursing home, then it could mean that they are physically being abused. Some injuries include bedsores, lacerations, broken bones, or any other injury.

Behavior and mood changes: A sudden change in behavior and mood can indicate that something is terribly wrong. Some indications include fear, anxiety, anti-social behavior, frustration, anger, withdrawal, or humiliation that is not typically expressed by this person.

Malnourishment/ Dehydration: Dehydration and malnourishment can be seen if the elderly has cracked lips, a tongue that is swollen, a reduction in their trips to the bathroom, dry mouth, and overall weakness.

Improper sanitation: If a resident is living in dirty conditions, does not look clean, does not smell clean, or overgrown nails, then it could be attributed to poor hygiene.

Financial Changes:  Financial abuse is another form of abuse. Some signs include forged checks, cash that goes missing, bills that do not get paid, changes in the will, and more.

Seek a Miami Abuse Attorney for Rest Homes

No abuse or neglect should be happening in a place where an elderly person is placed to live happy the rest of their life. The firm in Miami of Percy Martinez wants these victims to be removed from such a traumatizing environment and obtain the help they need.

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