Some Benefits Of DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyers In Illinois & Indiana

Whenever you’re investigated for or charged with a crime, it’s important to get a skilled defense attorney on your side. In Illinois and Indiana, you are entitled to protect your rights, and a DUI or criminal defense attorney is almost always the best way to ensure that happens. There are a lot of myths surrounding how the legal system works in DUI and criminal cases. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you can convince others of your innocence. Don’t think that just because you’ve never gotten into trouble before means you’ll get out of the charges. The fact… Read More

What Are The Top 5 Signs That Abuse Is Taking Place In A Nursing Home?

A sad realization is that abuse does occur in nursing homes. The elderly are being taken advantage of and not properly cared for. Family members who have their loved on in a nursing home should learn the signs that are associated with abuse. Often time, the abuse will not go reported due to fear or not being able to communicate. Recognizing these signs can not only help the resident but potentially save their life. If suspicion that abuse or neglect took place, learning what the signs are will greatly enforce these suspicions and action can be taken. The Miami firm… Read More

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