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Major Distinctions Between The LSAT And GRE

Whether applying for the law school or deciding in which schools to apply needs to have the best information that assists in navigating the decisions. In addition to LSAT, the small number of schools have started to accept other standardized tests like GRE in certain circumstances. LSAT vs. GRE is a hot topic among those who are deciding to take admission. Here are some differences between them which can guide the students in making their decision. Majority of the schools accept LSAT while the GRE is accepted in less number of schools hence when selecting the test which is accepted… Read More

What Are The Common Errors Committed By Doctors And Hospitals?

A medical malpractice takes place when a doctor, his assistant or nurse or any other member of the medical team commits a negligent act, which is concerned with a patient. Medical staff fails to cater proper medication and care, consequently, the patient gets harm. In most of the cases the medical staff is well-educated and well-trained and commits mistakes rarely; hospital management provides equipment of a standard quality and other necessary facilities to medical staff. In spite of this all, a small number of medical malpractices happen. It must be kept in mind that willingness or unwillingness of a patient… Read More

Slipping And Falling From Lack Of Lighting

The contributors of dangerous falls are many times overlooked. Many hazards can exist inside and outside a building when a lack of lighting shields the dangers that are present. A person walking through a certain location might not even realize that there is a danger and even an area that is well-maintained, can turn out to be dangerous when there is inadequate lighting. Those responsible for maintaining the property need to make sure that the property is safe for anyone who visits it. They have a duty of care to every person who comes into contact with their property, including… Read More

The Rights Of A Defendant In A Dui Case

People ordinarily do not recognize the massive impact that any rulings made by the United States Supreme Court can have on their daily life. The Supreme Court on June 23, 2016 made a decision in the case Birchfield v. North Dakota that altered the procedure employed by law enforcement to obtain a blood draw from people suspected of committing a DUI or a similar offense. The key phrase to note in the sentence above is that it changed how law enforcement is supposed to handle drawing blood. However, a news story published last year in the Washington post illustrates that… Read More

Defective Parts Auto Accident

Auto manufacturers are now able to make the safest vehicles in history, thanks to the extensive research and development put into motor vehicles. There is a continually growing market of technologies, devices and equipment to make cars even safer with each passing day. Still, protective devices like seat belts, computers, crumple zones, warning indicators and airbags can fail. In fact, almost any car part can be defective without you realizing these defects exist in your own automobile. This is particularly true if you install aftermarket products or enhance the look or ride of your vehicle. Often, these parts interfere with… Read More

Some Benefits Of DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyers In Illinois & Indiana

Whenever you’re investigated for or charged with a crime, it’s important to get a skilled defense attorney on your side. In Illinois and Indiana, you are entitled to protect your rights, and a DUI or criminal defense attorney is almost always the best way to ensure that happens. There are a lot of myths surrounding how the legal system works in DUI and criminal cases. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you can convince others of your innocence. Don’t think that just because you’ve never gotten into trouble before means you’ll get out of the charges. The fact… Read More

Does Workers’ Compensation Cover Depression

When somebody mentions workers’ compensation, your first thought is most likely a construction worker fallen from a scaffold or a firefighter injured in the line of duty. However, workers’ compensation encompasses a much wider range of both physical and psychological issues. Depression and anxiety may once have been overlooked, but modern medicine recognizes them as serious and very legitimate medical issues. On average, 14.8 million US citizens older than 18 suffer from depression annually. In terms of workers’ comp, if the depression was caused by something at work, for example, an accident, are workers entitled to receive the benefits like… Read More

Suing A Hospital For Wrongful Vaccination Of A Newborn

During the birth of a child, hospitals have been known to routinely give Vitamin K,  Hepatitis B shot, and ointment in the baby’s eyes. What many parents may not be aware of is that they are allowed to refuse these treatments ahead of time. When a parent tells their physician that they do not want any of these routine treatments to be given to their baby when they are born, the physician is required to allow the parent to file a signed waiver explaining how they do not want these treatments done to their baby. The informed permission of the… Read More

What Are The Top 5 Signs That Abuse Is Taking Place In A Nursing Home?

A sad realization is that abuse does occur in nursing homes. The elderly are being taken advantage of and not properly cared for. Family members who have their loved on in a nursing home should learn the signs that are associated with abuse. Often time, the abuse will not go reported due to fear or not being able to communicate. Recognizing these signs can not only help the resident but potentially save their life. If suspicion that abuse or neglect took place, learning what the signs are will greatly enforce these suspicions and action can be taken. The Miami firm… Read More

Damage Recovery In Auto Accidents

The situation after an auto vehicle mishap can be very alarming. Either you blame on yourself or the opposite opponent, you have to deal with the worst criteria that forms after the car accident. All harmful damages either physically or financially should be kept in mind and after that a proper steps should be taken in order to recover them as early as possible. PROPERTY DAMAGE: It mostly includes the vehicle you are using and mostly the machinery in that vehicle. It is rather easy to settle them out as compared to the personal injury that takes place and can… Read More

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