Drugs and Controlled Substances

With the exception of small amounts of marijuana, almost all drug charges in Illinois are a felony offense. Felony offenses carry prison terms, and convictions can stay on your criminal background forever. The attorneys at the MacNeil Firm have experience with charges for drugs and controlled substances and will provide a strong legal defense for you. Our attorneys appreciate these life-long consequences, and understand how important your freedom is. We will fight for you.

Many drug arrests are a result of a search of a house, vehicle, or person. However, with laws surrounding marijuana, whether medical or recreational, now changing drastically from state to state, those laws have changed. The legalization of marijuana in Illinois has also led to a rise in its popularity and confusion on what the laws are regarding this drug. The state of Illinois has recently legalized recreational marijuana, but you still need to be careful. This is because federal law still considers cannabis an illegal drug as a Schedule 1 substance. 

Search and Seizure

Sometimes the police have warrants but frequently do not. The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution states that we should be free from unreasonable searches and seizures. Federal and State law enforcement are required to follow rules when it comes to warrantless searches. A search without a warrant usually requires probable cause. Some police officers try to get around this by stating their probable cause is that you have a weapon, but really they are hoping to find evidence of drugs and controlled substances, which can still be illegal for them to do. An illegal search and seizure may allow the MacNeil Firm to ask the judge to dismiss your case.

If your drug arrest is a result of a search and seizure, that may present the opportunity to challenge the validity and constitutionality of the search in court. The MacNeil Firm will review the evidence in your case, and research the case law to determine the legality of the search and seizure. The MacNeil firm has successfully defended many drug cases by filing certain motions in court. These motions are sometimes called motion to suppress evidence, or a motion to quash arrest and suppress evidence. The issue in such motions is not whether the accused actually possessed the drugs, but rather whether law enforcement discovered them in a proper and constitutional way.

The MacNeil Firm has experience with cases related to drugs and controlled substances

Controlled substances are any illegal drug or substance. Some common controlled substances include cocaine, crack, cocaine base, heroin, ecstasy, prescription drugs, pain killers, hydrocodone, methamphetamine, and marijuana. Our Drugs & Controlled Substances attorney in Illinois has defended against different cases that hovered around many of the above substances.

Drugs and Controlled Substances | The MacNeil Firm | Drug Lawyers Near Me
Drugs and Controlled Substances | The MacNeil Firm | Drug Lawyers Near Me
Drugs and Controlled Substances | The MacNeil Firm | Drug Lawyers Near Me
Drugs and Controlled Substances | The MacNeil Firm | Drug Lawyers Near Me

Some of the most common drugs and controlled substance offenses are:

  • Possession of controlled substances/PCS
  • Possession of controlled substances with intent to deliver
  • Delivery of controlled substances
  • Possession/Delivery within 1000 feet of a school
  • Distribution of a controlled substance
  • Possession of cannabis
  • Delivery of cannabis

We have extensive experience handling all types of drugs and controlled substances offenses. This includes cases involving narcotics, prescription drugs, and marijuana, among others. Representation of individuals charged with drug offenses comprises a large part of our criminal defense practice. Our firm has successfully defended persons charged with a number of different drug offenses, from amounts less than a gram, to several hundred pounds. Drug offenses can be charged in a variety of different ways, which can be a simple possession of a controlled substance, possession with intent to deliver, delivery of a controlled substance, conspiracy to deliver, and trafficking of a controlled substance, to name a few.

Drugs and Controlled Substances | The MacNeil Firm | Drug Lawyers Near Me
Drugs and Controlled Substances | The MacNeil Firm | Drug Lawyers Near Me

Contact us today for a free consultation. We will evaluate all the evidence in your case and determine the best path forward. It is really important that you have experienced attorneys on your side and The MacNeil Firm is here to help.