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3Firearm ownership is a political hot topic around the country, but particularly in Illinois. With shootings on the rise, law enforcement has become very aggressive in pursuing gun charges. Frequently, that aggressiveness results in a violation of rights.

Many guns are recovered through some type of search or seizure. If the police do not follow certain guidelines pertaining to probable cause or the use of search warrants, the evidence must be thrown out and the case dismissed. The attorneys at The MacNeil Firm have the strategies and experience needed to produce the best results possible in your gun or firearm case. Check out our search and seizure (hyperlink) court room victories (hyperlink) to see examples of our successes.

Generally a person may only possess a firearm while on their own property. However, recently Illinois has passed concealed carry laws that would make it legal under some circumstances for a person to carry a gun in public. It will still be illegal for most unlicensed persons to carry firearms on their person.

In Illinois, illegal possession of a firearm is frequently called unlawful use of weapon, or UUW. Other gun, firearm, or weapon charges that The MacNeil Firm has successfully defended include but are not limited to:

  • Unlawful Use of Weapon
  • UUW
  • Unlawful Use of Weapon by Felon
  • UUW Felon
  • Possession of Firearm without Valid FOID Card
  • Defacing a Firearm
  • Possession of Silencer
  • Possession of Machine Gun
  • Possession of Firearm with Barrel Length Shorter than 16″

We serve our weapons criminal defense related clients in Illinois and Indiana states. Our weapons criminal defense attorneys are active in Kankakee, Lake, Grundy, Porter, Cook, and Will counties. Our main offices are located in Frankfort and Shorewood, IL.

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