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How Is A Violent Crime Defined In Illinois?

People have different ideas of what violent crime is, but basically, it’s any sort of offense against a person. So, on the misdemeanor side that would be a battery, an assault or domestic battery. On the felony side, it would be aggravated assault or aggravated battery. Also robbery and armed robbery are considered violent crimes, as well as home invasion and arson. These crimes are deemed violent even if no one was injured in the alleged offense. I’ve successfully represented people in all different types of violent crimes. I have been practicing as a violent crime attorney in Illinois for many years.

What Are The Penalties Associated With Violent Crimes?

Most violent crimes are felonies with the exception of battery, assault or domestic battery. Because violent crimes are committed against real people, judges consider these types of cases to be very serious. If someone was hurt, judges take those even more seriously. Having an experienced criminal defense attorney in Illinois representing you would have a positive effect on your case.

How Can The Use Of A Firearm Aggravate Penalties For A Violent Crime?

In any type of violent crime the use of a weapon is always going to be an aggravating factor. Sometimes the alleged use of a gun or other weapon could just move it from a misdemeanor to a felony. For example, if you committed a battery with a weapon, that might move you up from a misdemeanor battery to a felony aggravated battery. But also the use of a firearm or a weapon, or the injury of an individual during the commission of an offense, could also trigger sentencing enhancements. For example, if you committed an armed robbery with a firearm, that could enhance the sentence by 15, 20 or 25 years. With the negotiation skills of our criminal defense attorney in Illinois, this sentence can be modified to work in your favour.

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