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What Types Of White Collar Crimes Do You Handle?

White collar crimes are generally considered crimes that don’t involve any type of violence, and typically, they refer to financial crimes such as embezzlement, fraud, forgery and theft. As a White collar crimes attorney in Illinois, I’ve successfully represented people in virtually every type of white collar offense and every type of financial crime.

How Serious Are White Collar Crimes?

They’re very serious. Most white collar crimes are felonies. Obviously, any felony case potentially could send someone to prison for a long period of time. Usually, the more money involved, the more serious the offense for white collar crime, although a proper defense put up by our Criminal Defense attorney in Illinois could reduce these penalties significantly.

How Does Your Background In Finance Help Clients Accused Of White Collar Crimes?

Our Criminal Defense attorney in Illinois has a background in banking and finance gives The MacNeil Firm a distinct advantage in all white collar crime. My father, Donald, has experience in banking, mortgage banking and complex litigation dating back to the late 1960’s. My brother, Scott, also has extensive banking and finance experience, and he’s a CPA as well. So between the three of us you’d have a hard time finding a law firm more qualified or in a stronger position to give you the best defense possible for a white collar crime than The MacNeil Firm.

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