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White Collar Crimes

Many white collar crimes, on both the state and federal levels, are felonies that carry mandatory prison sentences, as well as significant financial penalties and restitution. Professionals and other persons being charged with a white collar offense are further exposed to the social stigma to their work and professional reputation. A conviction for a white collar crime would most likely destroy their career altogether. Our White collar crimes attorney in Illinois knows effective methods for making things easier. Some white collar crimes don’t involve a person’s work or profession and our criminal Defense attorney in Illinois is familiar with such cases. Financial crimes outside a person’s employment are sometimes referred to as fraud. With fraud crimes, there is usually an allegation of financial loss or obtaining funds illegally. If you’re facing charges such as these in Philadelphia, you may want to get a defense attorney like Hope Lefeber to represent you. From simple check kiting or credit card accusations to complex identity thefts, the MacNeil Firm has the knowledge and experience needed to produce a successful outcome. The Criminal Defense attorneys in Illinois at MacNeil Firm appreciate the seriousness of white collar accusations and the severity of the consequences and penalties they carry. It is understood what a conviction for a white collar offense would mean to your career. Because there is a lot on the line, the MacNeil Firm will make every effort and pay attention to every detail in preparing your defense. They might even look into finding a company such as Eide Bailly that specialize in forensic accounting. Both Donald L. MacNeil and of counsel attorney R. Scott MacNeil have extensive backgrounds in banking and finance, offering you unparalleled experience and protection in your case. Additionally, R. Scott MacNeil is also a certified public accountant, which is frequently the game-changing advantage needed to secure a victory. Highly Recommended “My first time needing a lawyer Donald was very helpful and allowed me not to stress so much. He answered all my questions and supported me thru my case.” A Satisfied Client Many offenses fall into the category of “white collar” crimes. Some examples of different types of white collar offenses our White collar crimes attorney in Illinois has experience with are:

  • Embezzlement
  • Fraud
    • Mortgage Fraud
    • Loan Fraud
    • Mail Fraud
    • Credit Card Fraud
  • Theft
    • Theft by Deception
    • Deceptive Practices
  • Forgery
  • Official Misconduct
  • Check Kiting

We serve our white collar criminal defense related clients in Illinois and Indiana states. Our white collar criminal defense attorneys are active in Kankakee, Lake, Grundy, Porter, Cook, and Will counties. Our main offices are located in Frankfort and Shorewood, IL.

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