What Is The Ignition Interlock Device And How Does It Work?

The interlock device basically, in Illinois, is primarily only going to happen if you want to obtain that monitoring device driving permit during your summary suspension. Basically it is just a breathalyzer that is installed in your vehicle. To start the vehicle, you have to blow into it and then at random intervals, while you are driving, it will ask you to blow again. Most of them now have a camera attached right to the device. There are a lot of people having their passengers blow into it or using other methods to try and deceive the device, but with the camera installed now, it is impossible to deceive. The cost is going to be several hundred dollars over the course of say a six month suspension because there is a cost to have it installed.

There is a cost to the secretary of state to monitor it, there is a deposit to have the equipment installed. So, you are looking at several hundred dollars. There are ways to get around this. Number one would be if your license is suspended and you do not want to have that device that is fine. Just do not drive. If you have somebody else who can give you a ride to work or whatever, that is not an issue. Or we have the ability to contest that suspension. So if we file that petition to rescind the summary suspension and we prevail on a motion, then the suspension is lifted and there is no suspension. So that person just has full driving privileges.

Can People Have A Home Based Device As An Alternative To An Ignition Interlock Device?

They have what some people call the home devices, but it is not exactly a home device. They have different devices that are available to monitor drinking. For example, if a condition of bond that the client is prohibited from consuming alcohol, it might not be related to driving, but they do have other devices to accomplish this. They have portable breathalyzers that would require an individual to take a breath test at various intervals throughout the day; they have another device that is called the SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor) device and that is a device that is strapped to your ankle and subdurally detects through the skin whether you have consumed alcohol. The SCRAM device then, either over the internet or through cellular signal transmits that information to the monitoring company. If you have consumed any amount of alcohol, they would know about it and report it to the court and prosecutor.


What Sets Your Firm Apart In Handling DUI Cases In Illinois?

I consider myself to be a highly skilled trial attorney, litigator and a negotiator. If you read through my courtroom victories on my website, you can see firsthand that I am capable in front of the judge or any jury. Almost every case in my courtroom victories involved the situation where a case was dismissed or the client was found not guilty. But what you do not really get to see through those victories are all the cases where we had a situation where an individual had strong evidence against them or they are facing a long jail or prison sentence and I was able to successfully negotiate either for a reduced charge or obtain a very favorable or greatly reduced sentence, as in probation. And, although I am very proud of my attorney skills, a lot of my clients compliment me on my customer service, or what I call my bedside manner, because I am personable, keep a positive outlook, and make myself very available to my clients to contact.

My cell phone is never far from my reach. My clients and those potential clients that are calling me for the first time, are frequently surprised when they call and I pick up the phone after hours or on the weekend or even while I am away on vacation. I am also extremely honest with my clients about their case. I am not going to be their cheerleader and tell them not to worry about it or everything is going to be okay; I also will not scare them and say, “Well, you are going to jail if you don’t hire me”, or some sort of ridiculous scare tactic like a lot of lawyers use. From me, what my clients can count on is straight, no nonsense, and reality based information about their case and about their options.

At the end of the day, I think our mission statement says it all. We are committed to producing extraordinary results.

Additional Information On DUI Charges In Illinois

SCRAM stands for Secured Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor. That is really in a situation where for example, if you have somebody who is a multiple offender and as a condition of their bond, they are not allowed to consume alcohol. Sometimes the judge will order them to have that device to really make sure they are not drinking. We really try and avoid that. One of the main reasons is that it is ultra-expensive. To use and monitor that device is like seven hundred per month. There is basically one company that has total domination over the market. Usually it is a situation where either the judge lets that individual out on bail and as a condition of that, they have to wear that device; or if they do not wear it, then they wait in jail while their case is pending.

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