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Do you know the consequences of being convicted of a DUI, an aggravated DUI or a sex crime in Kankakee County, Illinois? Getting help from an experienced criminal defense lawyer or a DUI defense attorney can help with your case. An attorney will provide you with sound advice and professional representation in court. The attorney will also be familiar with the local laws of the state. Read on to know more about the services we offer and the areas we serve in Kankakee County, Illinois.

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The criminal defense attorneys at The MacNeil Firm Ltd, with our office located in Frankfort, IL, serve all over Kankakee County, Illinois. We provide criminal and DUI defense services in areas all over Kankakee County, including Kankakee City, Momence, Aroma Park, Bonfield, Bourbonnais, Bradley, Buckingham, Essex, Grant Park, Herscher, Hopkins Park, Manteno, Pembroke Township, Reddick, Saint Anne, and Union Hill, IL. Call now for a Free Case Evaluation at (708) 218-0947 or .

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The MacNeil Firm is a family of three lawyers providing superior criminal defense and DUI defense services in Illinois and Indiana. The areas of law we focus on include criminal defense, DUI defense, CDL DUI defense, federal crimes, white collar crimes, sex crimes, and aggravated DUI. Whether you’re looking for a criminal defense lawyer in Indiana or Illinois, a DUI defense attorney, or a CDL DUI defense lawyer, give us a call today. Our federal criminal attorney can also help with white collar crimes, sex crimes and crimes involving concealed carry cases. Call The MacNeil Firm Ltd for a Free Case Evaluation at (708) 218-0947 or .

DUI: It’s Not an LOL Situation | We Can Help

According to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), detailing info from 2016, an alarming 10,497 people were killed in alcohol-impaired driving crashes. That’s 28% of all traffic-related deaths in the US. Nearly one-third of every death on roads—due to impaired driving. That’s a really sobering, no pun intended, number and is truly an American tragedy that needs to be worked on.

But although we all know that driving while impaired is dangerous, and against the law, sometimes even good people, who would ordinarily never drive drunk or under the influence of a substance, make bad decisions. They may think they’re okay to drive when they’re just over the legal limit. They think just a quick trip will be fine, maybe to the convenience store to grab a slice of pizza or a bag of chips. They forget to eat lunch, have a few drinks after work with the office team, and fail to realize that those two drinks have gone straight in with no food filter, and subsequently has put them over the legal blood-alcohol (BAC) level.

We hear story after story from good people who are truly, deeply regretful for their actions, and are now sitting in our offices. While it’s good to admit you made a mistake, the law isn’t very forgiving. Thus, here we are, working together, to get you a second chance at life. Or perhaps you’ve been charged with a DUI and you’re innocent, or other factors were in play—it happens. Breathalyzers malfunction; police make errors; new medications could affect you in ways you didn’t plan for; and sometimes police make assessments that are just flat wrong, either by accident or willfully due to some sort of bias. But whatever your situation, whether you’re guilty of the crime or completely innocent, we will be there for you every step of the way. We are your Kankakee County, IL DUI defense attorney.

The stats don’t lie. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released some alarming statistics, information gathered on impaired driving for the year 2016. Let’s take a closer look at some shocking facts:

Out of the total 1,233 traffic deaths among children from the age of 0 years to 14 years, 214 (17%) were due to an alcohol-impaired driver.

And 86% of all drivers arrested for DUI were actually first-time offenders.

Most of the clients we represent are fortunate, in that they did not cause an injury to themselves or anyone else, still many broke the law and got caught. While most all of our clients are truly regretful and want to make amends, we feel everyone deserves a chance to own their mistake yet not have their life ruined. Other clients we see are victims of a flaw in the system of some sort. Some have been falsely accused. Some have been charged based on evidence gathered with faulty equipment. And sometimes the interaction with the arresting officer was such that the officer’s account may have been less than truthful in some way. Everyone makes mistakes, and anyone can, in the heat of the moment, act in a negative way.

It’s our job to get to the bottom. It’s our job to dig into your case and expose every fact, study every piece of the prosecution’s evidence, and relentlessly pursue every lead that could bring us a dismissal or acquittal. We will dig. We will work every waking hour till we find that kernel of truth, that piece of evidence, that witness, that error in police procedure, or the violation of your rights that will help us to get your case dismissed, acquitted, or at the very least have your charges or penalties reduced.

Rarely can any of this ever happen without a skilled DUI defense attorney working for you. So whether you’re in Kankakee County, IL, or somewhere else across our great state, call us immediately after you’ve been charged, because time is of the essence. The prosecution will be working hard to convict you, so the earlier we can get on board and begin our own private investigation of the facts, the ‘evidence’ they say they have against you, the procedures and all persons involved, the better chance we will have of getting your case dismissed or acquitted at trial.

You really cannot afford to risk your life, your future, your family’s future, your financial stability, your established career, or your reputation. Hire the best attorney you can find who will work with you. We have a success/case ratio that is impressive, and we only take on what we believe we can win. Therefore, if we take your case, which most likely we will, we take it in believing we can offer serious help and, at the very least, get your charges, penalties and punishment reduced, but we’ll be aggressively working for a dismissal or acquittal, you can count on that.

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