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Orland Park DUI Tickets Attorney | The MacNeil Firm Ltd

DUI—there are few three letter acronyms that are more feared. No one wants a DUI ticket, but the fact is, many people will receive one this year. DUI, of course, stands for Driving Under the Influence. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been drinking or using drugs, if you’re under the influence of either, and you’re behind the wheel, Illinois police will arrest you. You may be thinking, “well I know when I’m too drunk to drive, so I have nothing to worry about,” but the fact of the matter is… many people who get DUIs had no idea that they were over the legal limit. Most Americans are law-abiding citizens who would never want to break such a serious law, and endanger their life and the lives of others by driving drunk. However, it takes little effort to go over the 0.08% BAC (blood alcohol content) level. And sometimes it might be only one drink that puts you over the line as there are many factors that impact BAC. If you are facing a DUI conviction, don’t risk your future, contact a DUI tickets attorney who is experienced. In Orland Park, that’s The MacNeil Firm Ltd, a seasoned team that provides the best criminal defense in Illinois.

Orland Park DUI Tickets Attorney | The Bottom Line on Bottoms Up!

Drugs and alcohol impair your abilities, which is why it is illegal to drive when you’re under the influence, so should it come as any surprise that if you’re under the influence you might also make a poor decision, and drive when you’ve put too much into your blood stream? The bottom line is many good people make the potentially deadly mistake of driving ‘buzzed’ or driving when they genuinely think that they are fine to drive. Often when people receive a DUI they are terribly sorry immediately that they took the risk for themselves and other drivers, but their remorse will not release them from the penalties. And this is why when you’ve been issued a DUI ticket, you need to consult with an Orland Park DUI tickets attorney right away.

DUI Attorney in Orland Park, IL | What Are the Legal Limits?

The legal limit is 0.08% or higher BAC. Registering this level means that you are legally impaired. In Illinois, the limit is even stricter for commercial drivers, just 0.04% BAC. But as an experienced DUI attorney in Orland Park, IL will tell you, it’s not always about the math. The state of Illinois has really cracked down on impaired and drunken driving and as such it is possible to get a DUI even if you’re not approaching the 0.08% BAC. If a police officer notices that you are obviously impaired, you could receive a DUI simply based on that. Additionally, if you have children in your vehicle, driving with any impairment, even well below the legal limit, is going to land you a DUI, and probably land you in jail also. When your future is at stake, you need the best DUI attorney in Orland Park, IL—The MacNeil Firm Ltd.

DUI Attorney in Orland Park, IL | What Strategies Exist to Help Me Win My Case?

The MacNeil Firm Ltd is a family business comprised of father and sons and each partner is a top DUI attorney in Orland Park, IL. There’s a lot of law knowledge in this family with the firm’s founder having attended law school back in the late 1960s. As founder, Donald L. MacNeil has a lifetime of quality business experience that he brings to the firm. With a wealth of knowledge and a true understanding of the intricacies of Illinois law, The MacNeil Firm Ltd has a myriad of strategies its partners utilize to defend their clients against DUI. From illegal stops, inaccurate field sobriety or Breathalyzer, booking room video inconsistencies with police report, inaccurate hospital blood tests, weather, illegal searches, interfering substances, and so many more, we will use the best strategy for your case to defend you and your rights. And as each case is unique, there are always new strategic plans developing. But what’s most important to you is not how we defend you, but the benefit we can bring to your case. And with years of experience defending clients who have been charged with DUI, we know how to succeed. We’ll work to get your case dismissed, but if that’s not possible, we will strive to reduce your sentence or get you into a diversion program that can help you avoid harsher penalties. In short, we’ll use everything we’ve learned from our vast experience working the courts to protect your rights, fight for you, and help to take the sting out of your DUI charge. Call The MacNeil Firm Ltd, your DUI attorney in Orland Park, IL.

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