What Are The Short And Long Term Effects Of A Child Pornography Conviction?

A child pornography conviction is going to have the same ramifications as any other felony conviction: you can’t own a firearm, you can’t vote, and all other restrictions that a felony conviction would trigger apply. Also, every child pornography case requires sex offender registration. Most of the time, it’s for life.

Will I Be Barred From Living In My Home or Seeing My Children While My Child Pornography Case Is Ongoing? What Happens If I Am Convicted?

People who are charged in child pornography cases are sometimes prevented from seeing their children, depending on the circumstances and the facts of the case. For example, if it is alleged that my client is actually producing child pornography. That type of individual is probably going to have some sort of restriction, as a condition of bond, that they not have any contact with children. If it’s their own children, there may be some sort of exception to that and there are a lot of arguments to be made on behalf of our clients. After a conviction, sex offender registration would also have restrictions on contact with children, although generally not biological children. However, every case is different.

If I Am Acquitted In A Child Pornography Case, Does That Arrest Or Charge Ever Go Away?

A child pornography case is like any other case; if the case is dismissed, then it’s eligible to be expunged, meaning completely wiped off the record. This is also true if the case goes to trial and you are found not guilty. Technically, the government can object to it because they can reinstate it any time within the statute of limitations but for the most part, that is not going to happen.

Is It Ridiculous To Assume That I Could Represent Myself In A Child Pornography Case?

When you are dealing with very serious issues that have consequences and risks, there is absolutely no reason to think that you are going to do a better job than a professional. As far as public defenders versus private attorneys, there are some very outstanding public defenders. However, when you get a free attorney, if you get someone that you don’t think knows what they are talking about, you are stuck with them. Public defenders are also overworked and underpaid, so when you hire your own attorney you are much more likely to get your phone calls returned in a prompt manner. With a public defender, they are probably not going to be as available to you because even the best ones have a workload that’s borderline impossible. My clients know that when I am retained on a case, I am dedicating my energy to defending them in the case. I very available to respond to calls and texts, as well as for meetings to discuss the case.

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