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The MacNeil Firm is a criminal defense and DUI defense law firm based in Will County, with offices in Frankfort and Shorewood. We provide legal representation to clients in DUI and criminal defense cases. Getting charged with a crime is something that should not be taken lightly. You need to get in touch with a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. The criminal case could be related to the use of drugs, a sex offense, a DUI case or any other crime.

Areas we serve

MacNeil Firm has been serving clients all over Will County ever since it was incorporated by Attorney Donald N. MacNeil. Some of the areas we serve include Oak Lawn, Orland Park, Palos Heights, Chicago Heights, Mokena, New Lenox, and Bolingbrook. We also serve other areas including, Cook County, Mankakee County, Lake County, and Porter County.

Our focus is on Criminal Defense

Criminal defense and DUI defense is all what we do at MacNeil Firm. Whether you are looking for an attorney for State and Federal criminal defense, a lawyer to defend violent crimes, or facing Federal criminal offenses, sex crimes, weapons, drug use, child pornography, drunk driving, or any other crime in Illinois, contact MacNeil Firm to speak to a criminal defense attorney.

One thing to understand is that criminal law is a specialized branch of law and not every lawyer can defend a criminal case. MacNeil Firm is a family of three lawyers, a father and two sons, who focus on providing superior criminal defense and DUI defense in Illinois. Call MacNeil Firm to get in touch with our Oak Lawn, IL, DUI attorney or Orland Park, IL, DUI Attorney or Palos Heights, IL, DUI Attorney or Chicago Heights, IL, DUI Attorney or Mokena, IL, Criminal Defense lawyer or New Lenox, IL, criminal defense lawyer, or Bolingbrook, IL, criminal defense lawyer. Our commitment and dedication towards every case is unmatched.

The Facts on DUI in Illinois | Donald MacNeil – DUI Defense Attorney in Will County, IL

It only takes a little, and a little is probably less than you think. What are we talking about? Alcohol. It may surprise you to find out just how little alcohol it actually takes to put you over the legal limit, and you don’t want to find that out when you’re on the side of the road getting a DUI. There are a number of factors that can accelerate your blood-alcohol content (BAC). Let’s consider one example.

You’re slammed at work, out of one meeting and into the next—all day long. Lunch? What’s that? You’ve got no time for lunch, so you eat a leftover cookie from yesterday’s lunch and keep rolling. After work you have to run straight to a friend’s birthday bash at the local bar, socialize, then rush to get to your daughter’s piano recital at eight. In short, you’ve got too much to do in one day, and you’ve skipped eating. This is one of the common ways that DUIs happen. Essentially, a responsible citizen such as yourself, working hard at your office, remembering your friend’s birthday, supporting your daughter on her big day, has unknowingly stepped into the DUI danger zone. Those two beers that you had might not have been a problem on a full stomach, but you had a cookie for lunch—danger zone. Alcohol is absorbed directly into your bloodstream through the stomach and small intestine. When there is a sufficient amount of food in your stomach, the rate at which alcohol is absorbed is slowed. But one cookie on your stomach isn’t going to help, and drinking alcohol on an empty stomach like that will absolutely make you vulnerable to becoming intoxicated. And intoxicated driving is a DUI.

In the state of Illinois, a driver is considered to be under the influence, legally, if he or she has a blood-alcohol content (BAC) of .08 or more; has a cannabis concentration (THC) of either 5 nanograms per ml (or more) of whole blood, or 10 nanograms per ml (or more) of other bodily substance; or perhaps is impaired by any type of medication, etc. But what many people do not realize is that you can still get a DUI, and be convicted, with a BAC below .08, no matter how many drinks you had. If evidence supports that you were impaired, you could get a DUI, be convicted, and sent to jail. DUIs are no joke, and the penalties can be severe. That’s why you need a Will County, IL DUI defense attorney.

Data on any subject takes a while to collect and organize. Drug and alcohol data is no different. Taking a look back at some 2018 Illinois DUI facts, here is some of what we know.

291 people were killed as a result of alcohol-related crashes

There were 26,386 DUI arrests according to the Secretary of State’s office.

And 86% of all drivers arrested for DUI were first offenders.

Fighting a DUI | Will County, IL DUI Defense Attorney

As your Will County, IL DUI defense attorney, Donald MacNeil and his team at The MacNeil Firm Ltd can and will ensure that you get fair treatment. From the moment you meet with Donald or one of his associates, you’ll get that comfortable feeling, the feeling that comes through the confidence of knowing you’re in good hands. The MacNeil Firm Ltd has the experience you need, and the track record of success you want. They’ve gotten cases dismissed during pretrial, and won in the courts.

When you work with The MacNeil Firm Ltd, you’ll benefit from their years of experience. When it come to litigating DUI cases, you’ll find no firm better prepared to win for you. They know how to work with prosecutors to negotiate the best terms, lower penalties and fines, and get cases dismissed if there is sufficient evidence to do so. Donald and his team will investigate your case from top to bottom, backwards and forwards, considering every element, every witness, every person connected to your case be they witnesses or police personnel. They’ll scrutinize every piece of the prosecution’s ‘evidence’ and look for ways to discount it and force the court to dismiss it. They’ll look for holes in witness and police statements, evaluate character, and if anything is even slightly off, they’ll seek to strike testimony or reports from the case, which often leaves the prosecution scratching its head so to speak. And when the prosecution can’t prove its case, that means Donald has done his job well, and that you can get your life back! Call for a consultation right away. The minute you are charged is the time to call. When your whole life is on the line you need a DUI defense attorney in Will County, IL that you can count on—and that’s Donald.

Donald N. Macneil, Esq.

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