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Drug Lawyer Calumet Park Illinois | Marijuana Laws

Marijuana laws in Illinois are complicated. On one hand, we have a state that recently legalized recreational marijuana. However, the legalization of the recreational use of marijuana does not mean that you can possess any amount of cannabis legally. There are still criminal consequences for possession in excess of amounts that the law allows. Contact our drug lawyer Calumet Park Illinois today at (708) 218-0947 or (708) 218-0947 for a consultation. 

The state of Illinois has recently legalized recreational marijuana, but you still need to be careful. This is because federal law still considers cannabis an illegal drug as a Schedule 1 substance. When states pass laws legalizing cannabis within their borders, they’re essentially saying that they won’t prosecute people who possess small amounts of marijuana within those borders, not that possessing any amount of weed won’t lead to prosecution at the federal level.

Illinois has decriminalized small amounts of marijuana

Under Illinois law, the possession of 30 grams or less of marijuana is legal if you are an Illinois resident of 21 years of age or older. Non-residents are allowed to possess 15 grams or less. Possession of more than 30 grams is a criminal offense.

Drug Lawyer Calumet Park Illinois | The MacNeil Firm | Drug Lawyer Near Me

Drug Lawyer Calumet Park Illinois | The MacNeil Firm | Drug Lawyer Near Me

If you have previously been convicted with possession, if you are under 21, if you’re in the presence of someone under 21, or if you’re in an area where smoking marijuana is illegal, the penalties can vary. An experienced drug lawyer Calumet Park Illinois can make sure that you have the best outcome for your case, so your reputation and your future are not ruined. 

Illegal sale of marijuana or trafficking also have their own classifications and penalties. Much like possession, the consequences vary depending on how much you have and where you are attempting to sell marijuana. Illegal cultivation of marijuana and sale of concentrates are also dependent on the quantity you are growing or selling.

Employers can have a zero tolerance policy

It’s not illegal to use marijuana in Illinois, but it is illegal to use marijuana in your workplace. There is nothing in the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act that prevents employers from adopting a zero tolerance policy. 

If you’re caught using marijuana on the job or under the influence of cannabis at work, your employer has every right to fire you. However, if you have a medical marijuana card and are using medical cannabis while off-duty (e.g., at home), then you are protected.

If you believe you have been unjustly fired because of marijuana, contact our drug lawyer Calumet Park Illinois. We will do a thorough evaluation of your case and determine you best legal course of action. 

Medical marijuana is legal in Illinois

Medical marijuana is legal in Illinois. Patients who qualify under the law can receive a medical marijuana card from their doctor and purchase cannabis from licensed dispensaries. It’s important to note that not all states have legalized medical marijuana. Only 29 states have passed laws legalizing some form of cannabis use. That means that you still cannot possess or use marijuana in states where it is illegal. 

There are numerous qualifying conditions such as: autism, lupus, migraines, colitis, parkinson’s disease, and many more. Patients are allowed to possess certain amounts of marijuana and grow a limited number of plants as well. 

Contact our drug lawyer Calumet Park Illinois to help with your marijuana case

The legal status of marijuana in Illinois is complicated, but you should always consult a drug lawyer Calumet Park Illinois if you need an experienced attorney for your drug case. The federal government still considers marijuana a Schedule I substance, so federal charges can be on the table. 

In Illinois, medical marijuana is legal with a doctor’s recommendation. However, you can still be arrested for possession of marijuana if it exceeds certain amounts in the state and fired from your job. If you need legal assistance, the legal team at The MacNeil Firm has the experience and passion to fight for you. Contact us today. 


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