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Drug Lawyer Minooka Illinois | What will happen if you’re arrested for heroin possession?

Heroin is an illicit drug that is highly addictive and can cause serious health problems. It is illegal to use, possess, manufacture, or distribute. If you have been arrested for any of these charges related to heroin, our drug lawyer Minooka Illinois is here to help. At The MacNeil Firm, we have the experience, drive, and passion to fight for you. Contact us today for a free consultation at (708) 218-0947 or (708) 218-0947. 

Someone who uses heroin may become physically dependent on the drug, meaning withdrawal symptoms will occur when they stop using it. Heroin abusers may also experience euphoria or drowsiness after taking the drug, which can lead to long-term dependence on heroin and other drugs like it. In Illinois, it’s illegal to possess any amount of heroin and you could face heavy penalties if charged with possession under state law.

Law enforcement and heroin

The police are cracking down on heroin users, dealers, and suppliers. That is because heroin is a Schedule I drug, which means it has high potential for abuse, no accepted medical benefits or uses, and no accepted safety protocol that allows it to be used safely under medical supervision.  

If you are arrested for heroin possession in Illinois, you will likely be charged with a felony and the consequences depend on the amount of drugs found on your person at the time of arrest. Jail time can range from 4-50 years in prison and fines can be upwards of $200,000.

These consequences increase if you are arrested under aggravating circumstances. That includes being within 1,000 feet of a school, park, movie theater, or church. It also includes if you have a firearm in your possession at the time of your arrest. These circumstances can result in double the prison term and fines and the possibility of no probation.

If you or someone you love is arrested for a heroin related crime, you need an experienced attorney that can ensure you have a good outcome for your case. The drug lawyer Minooka Illinois at The MacNeil Firm is here for you. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Penalties for Heroin

Drug Lawyer Minooka Illinois | The MacNeil Firm | Drug Lawyer Near Me

Drug Lawyer Minooka Illinois | The MacNeil Firm | Drug Lawyer Near Me

In many cases in Illinois, if you possess large amount you may also be charged with distribution. These are Felony charges and can result in a minimum of 3 years prison time, and depending on the amount, up to 30 years. Again, jail time and fines are increased if there are aggravated circumstances.

Defending against a heroin charge

An experienced drug lawyer Minooka Illinois will be able to mount a strong legal defense. All hope is not lost. You still have rights that deserve to be protected and you still have a future that is important.

At The MacNeil Firm, we will evaluate the prosecution’s case and the evidence they present to find the weaknesses. You still have Fourth Amendment Rights, in which the US Constitution prohibits illegal search and seizure. We will make sure that your constitutional rights were upheld and if they were not, we will work to get the charges dismissed or drastically reduced.

The prosecution also has to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that you knew you were in possession of a controlled substance. If you were merely in the presence of heroin, like in a car where someone else possessed the drug, this can be challenged.

Search warrants must also be valid. They have to be filed in good faith by a law enforcement officer, be based on reliable information showing probable cause, and be issued by a neutral judge. Our attorneys will make sure to thoroughly evaluate the affidavit as well as the warrant to determine the validity and make appropriate arguments where we are able.

Contact our drug lawyer Minooka Illinois for a free consultation

If you’re arrested for heroin possession, it’s important to have a lawyer to help navigate these complex legal waters. Our drug lawyer Minooka Illinois has helped numerous clients defend against drug charges. We will do everything within our power to protect your rights as well as get charges dropped or reduced if possible. Contact us today for a free consultation. 


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