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A DUI Charge Can Happen Easily | DUI Attorney in Will County, IL | The MacNeil Firm Ltd

You got a promotion at your office—at last, a recognition of all your hard work, and more money to provide for your family, and celebrating with coworkers leads to just one more drink before you head home. It’s Sunday and you’re watching the big game at home, having some beers with your pals, then you realize—you’re out of chips… a game day disaster, so you drive a few blocks to the store. You’re supporting a friend who just went through a divorce, conversations lead to a few extra drinks. There are a million ways in which good people can make the terrible mistake of driving when they’ve had more than the legal limit of alcohol. The stereotype of the drunk driver weaving across lanes is a reality indeed, and unfortunately, it happens. However, many cases of driving under the influence (DUI) occur when people have had far less to drink than the stereotypical drunk weaving across lanes. The fact is, the legal limit may be stated at 0.08% BAC, but many people receive DUIs annually, in Will County, IL, and all across America, for many reasons, even when they are under the legal limit. If you get a DUI, don’t risk your future, contact us at The MacNeil Firm Ltd and let us be your DUI attorney in Will County, IL.

Frequently Asked DUI Questions In Will County

DUI Attorney in Will County, IL | How Strict are DUI Laws in Illinois?

The state of Illinois has strict DUI laws in place, and Illinois operates under the Implied Consent Law, so if you are given a license to drive you agree to comply with this law. The Illinois Implied Consent Law states that anyone who has physical control of a vehicle has given their consent to comply with a breath, blood, or urine sample test if requested to do so by a police officer who has arrested them with probable cause. Tests may look for alcohol, drugs, or other compounds that are in violation of the Illinois DUI law. If you’re facing a DUI charge in Will County, IL or the surrounding area, and need a criminal defense, you should contact a DUI attorney immediately.

In the US, blood alcohol content, or BAC, that is 0.08% or higher is considered legally impaired. We’ve all heard the old, “no more than one drink per hour and you’re fine” adage, but really, nothing could be more misleading than that. The truth is, all drinks are not created equal, and your food, weight, etc. can all play a part in how quickly your blood alcohol content level can rise. Another common misconception is that you must register 0.08% or higher BAC in order to be charged with DUI. This is 100% false. There are many circumstances that can lead to a DUI in addition to the 0.08% or higher BAC level. For example, if you’re pulled over by a police officer and they can see that you are noticeably impaired, the officer can still issue a DUI. If your particular state has a zero-tolerance law in place, for example, if you have children in the vehicle with you, you might receive a DUI even if you are under the legal limit.

DUI Attorney in Will County, IL | Special Circumstances and Exceptions

It is also important to note that a commercial driver in the state of Illinois is held to an even higher standard (0.04% BAC) and minors—0.00% BAC. Although there are exceptions to the zero-tolerance minor rule, for example, leniency may be given if the minor can demonstrate that she or he has just attended a religious ceremony, or if they are currently taking a doctor-prescribed medication that has a small alcoholic content. But even with these possible exceptions, there are no circumstances that would allow their BAC to be 0.08% or higher.

DUI Attorney in Will County, IL | What Can a DUI Attorney Do for Me and What Happens?

What can a DUI attorney do for you in Will County, IL? The short answer to this question is… a skilled DUI attorney might be able to have the case completely dismissed or have the charges reduced somewhat. An experienced DUI attorney can often work with prosecutors to negotiate a lesser sentence or even a treatment diversion program that might eliminate or significantly reduce a potentially harsh criminal penalty. Additionally, while a conviction will likely result in your driver’s license being suspended or revoked, a savvy DUI attorney might be able to get you at least limited driving privileges if you agree to use an ignition interlock device (IDD) or basic permission to drive only to your job and back home again. In Will County, IL, The MacNeil Firm Ltd has a solid reputation for navigating the court system with finesse, and putting forth criminal defense strategies that regularly result in a reduction of harsh sentences, and sometimes complete dismissal of charges.

Do I Need A Lawyer For A First Time DUI In Will County?

Illinois is a particularly harsh state when it comes to DUI charges. Under the state’s implied consent law, anyone who has acquired an Illinois driver’s license has given consent to a chemical test, if police have probable cause to believe that the person may be driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you refuse a chemical test, the Secretary of State will automatically suspend your license for one year. If you agree to take a chemical test and are found to be over the legal limit, the Secretary of State will suspend your license for six months.

In addition to an administrative license suspension through the Secretary of State, there are additional criminal penalties for a first DUI conviction in Illinois, including up to 364 days in jail, up to $2,500 in fines, community service, an additional license suspension, and an alcohol and drug addiction evaluation, including completing any recommended treatment. A Will County, IL DUI attorney can work to have your DUI charge reduced or dismissed, which can avoid these stringent and intrusive consequences.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Will County DUI Lawyer?

Predicting the price you will pay for the services of a DUI attorney in Will County is difficult, if not impossible, without knowing the facts of the case and whether or not you want to fight the charges against you. If you simply seek assistance in entering a guilty plea to your DUI charge, you may pay your attorney as little as $250. If you plan to fight your DUI all the way through a jury trial, you could end up owing as much as $25,000. In order to obtain a more accurate estimate of what you can expect to pay, contact a local DUI attorney and ask for a case evaluation.

Can A Lawyer Get You Out Of A DUI In Will County?

It is impossible for a person to commit a certain level of crime without also committing all of that particular crime’s lesser included offenses. A skilled Will County DUI attorney can negotiate with the prosecution on your behalf and possibly end up with an offer to reduce your DUI charge to a lesser included offense, which will come with much less damaging penalties than the original charge against you. At the very least, a competent attorney can argue on your behalf for a minimal and lenient sentencing, whichever charge you face.

Can A DUI Charge Be Dropped?

All criminal charges are brought, pursued, and dismissed at the discretion of the prosecuting attorney for the applicable jurisdiction. If your attorney is able to gather enough relevant evidence and is skillful enough in negotiations, it is possible that he or she will be able to reach an agreement with the prosecutor, in which your DUI charge will be dismissed either outright or pending the completion of certain requirements on your part.

If you’re convicted of a DUI, a criminal sentence will be delivered by the court. Sentencing could be community service or a fine, but it could absolutely also be jail. Incarceration is not something that anyone wants, so when your freedom is on the line you need to take swift, smart action and come to us for help with your case as soon as you’ve been charged. The MacNeil Firm Ltd is your best choice when you need a DUI Attorney in Will County, IL. Our attorneys are experienced in criminal defense and have handled many DUI cases, and we know how the court system works; we understand how to build a quality defense that can often result in a reduced sentence or a dismissal. Call The MacNeil Firm Ltd and let us fight for you.

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