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Drug Lawyer Plainfield Illinois | How a criminal lawyer will help with a drug charge

When you’re facing a drug charge, it can be scary and overwhelming. It’s important to have a drug lawyer Plainfield Illinois who understands the ins and outs of the criminal justice system and how best to protect your rights. The MacNeil Firm is a family of three lawyers, a father and two sons, who are dedicated to providing superior criminal defense. 

A good criminal defense lawyer will help you understand the process from start to finish, including how evidence is gathered in drug cases, how that evidence is evaluated by prosecutors and judges, and what your options are if you’ve been charged with a crime. Contact us today for a consultation at (708) 218-0947 or (708) 218-0947.

Calling an attorney should be a priority

When you are arrested and charged with a drug crime, the police at the scene and at the station will try to question you. Their job is to gather information and evidence, so the prosecution can make a case against you. You need to exercise your right to stay silent. Even if you are innocent and believe that what you say may help you, it is best not to speak. You don’t know how your words will be interpreted. 

You also want to stay calm. Any actions you take while the arrest is happening or when you are at the police station can also be used to add charges or further their case for the drug charge. You should call an experienced drug lawyer Plainfield Illinois who can protect your rights and evaluate the evidence before you make a statement to the police. 

Evaluating the evidence

Evidence can be anything that helps prove your innocence, such as witnesses who saw what happened. If you were with someone when the arrest happened, make sure to provide that information to your attorney. You should also provide as much detail to your attorney as possible about what was happening before you were arrested and at the time of the arrest. Information is helpful so your lawyer can build the strongest defense strategy possible.

If a drug charge is brought against you, your drug lawyer Plainfield Illinois will evaluate the evidence against you and determine what viable defenses there are. They can work to get an outright dismissal or reduce the severity of penalties. 

Defense strategies a drug lawyer Plainfield Illinois could employ

One thing your attorney can do is make sure your rights were not violated during the investigation. This includes making sure that police officers did not use excessive force or search your car or home without a warrant. They will also make sure that you were afforded due process. 

Police officers in Illinois are expected to give Miranda warnings before questioning you or make an arrest. They should not use excessive force when arresting or detaining someone. When you ask for an attorney, they have to allow you to obtain one or provide one for you. The legal team at The MacNeil Firm has the experience to make sure that your rights were upheld. We know how important this is to protect you and your future. 

Your attorney will likely examine lab results to ensure that they were performed properly and accurately reflect what was found at the scene of your arrest (or elsewhere). And they will look at all of the evidence against you to determine whether there is enough proof for conviction under Illinois law.

Another important thing is for your attorney to check out any informants that may have been used. Informants can be credible and unreliable. The credibility of an informant is important because it can affect the outcome of your case. In general, we will do everything possible to determine the reliability of an informant who says they saw you commit a drug crime

Our drug lawyer Plainfield Illinois can help you understand your rights 

A criminal lawyer can help you understand your rights and responsibilities during every stage of the legal process. Our drug lawyer Plainfield Illinois will be able to advise you on what to do if arrested, how to get bail if required, and other aspects of the case that may affect your outcome. 

We can provide invaluable assistance throughout this process so that their client knows what to expect at all times. We can help you understand the evidence against you and how it will be presented, as well as how to present your own side of the story. We know how to use facts in your favor so you can get the best outcome for your case. 

The difference between a conviction and an acquittal can be as simple as having a good attorney on your side. If you have been charged with a drug crime, contact The MacNeil Firm today for a consultation.

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